Oct 04 2013

UROC 100km Race – Report 2013

UROC Race full Report video. Loved the race, the mountains, the course, the climbing, the snow. They needed to bring my drop bag to the "44" mile CP though as promised. This didn't happen. I DNFed at 44 miles because I needed my gear, my light and other food items.  But enjoyed the race while it lasted. About 12 hours and 11,000ft climb, 11,000ft decent, and 46 miles, what a race!

And I got my money back! From the race, and free entry into next years' race.  I complained to Bad to the Bone (organizer of the race) and their cause for DNF, and did refund me $240.00.  Hopefully next year things will be better. 

UROC 100km Race report. 2013 Ultra Race of Champions & Video Blog post race

 UROC 100km

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