Jan 06 2011

Tiberias Marathon, Sea of Galilee, Israel 2011

Tiberias Marathon, Sea of Galilee, Israel 

1st of 3 marathons or ultramarathons on 3 continents in 1 month. (Asia, Europe, Africa)

January 6, 2011

Got to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to run a race in Israel. It was hot compared to what I'd been training in. Race day temperature around 65-70F (17-20C). Race start 3/4 mile from my hotel. Great atmosphere. I didn't understand anything; everyone spoke Hebrew, but it was amazing. Actual race, I tried to start off around a 9:08/min pace to keep an even pace through first half and second half and to make sure I was not going out too fast like a previous road marathon. I ran with the 4:00 pace group all the way through the halfway and turn around point, but just sort of disintegrated and did horrible all the way back. I don't know why. Probably not training properly, maybe from taking 2 1/2 weeks off running in December. But I eventually finished in 4:42. As i was finishing a huge group with a famous or a few famous persons were running behind me, so it was like a huge fanfare coming into Tiberias, but it was really for that group. I took lots of photos and some video, but was more upset at the lousy finish time. Better luck next time.


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