Aug 18 2014

Six Days in the Dome Anchorage 2014

Six Day in Dome Finish 207 miles, Lessons Learned from the youngest guy there

When at breakfast you hear, "back in WWII…." and another guy cuts in, "hey I was there too so you better be accurate, I'll fact check you…." and they are BEATING you in a race, you know you are there to learn. I was there to learn, to see how to push the body, how to put on a race, how to lead… Seeing 83 year old Dan The Man over 165 miles, and had me scared running… you can't put a price on that…. I was the youngest 6Day runner in the race, I knew coming here it would be about gaining experience. I sure did.

I finished 6 Days in the Dome with 207 miles and the fastest lap run during six days in 1:16. Spent the last 35 minutes pacing Tatsunori Suzuki to his 100 mile 24 hour finish. Spent time with national 100km record holder Frank Bozanich, got a surprise visit from David Johnston, got Race Directors Award for "Saving the race" with all my technology, live feed, and updates etc.. I got about 12-14 hours sleep in 6 Days, including just 35 minutes on the last day. Took about 4-6 hours per day writing updates in between running 200+ miles.
I could not have done this race without the support of Holland McMullen (& Craig), as she provided me and many of us runners with so much food, I have no idea how much she provided for us. Out of the kindest of her heart she went and took Starbuck orders, Chipolte, Chicken…. anything and everything we needed for extra food (as the race truly was lacking in calories/protein for us). Old friends who came down to support like Beth Valentine Joe Reid, Ron Berntsen, Sarah J. Thomas, Monica Saccheus, and brought us food, support, a short massage or words of encouragement. This race wasn't about me posting big miles (I haven't run over 8 miles at once in 6 months, nor have I trained outside of the mountains for anything like this this year. For me the race was about learning for experienced athletes like John Price, Roy Pirrung, K-G Nyström, Bill McCarty, Frank Bozanich, Ed Ettinghausen Ed Compton…. Bill Scultz, Fast Eddie, who's combined experience on the track this week exceeded the collective knowledge all the worlds muti-day athletes.


Last year I ran 161.7 miles in 72 hours without much training it ended up being such an amazing experience running alongside Yiannis Kouros, Joe Fejes, Brady Wentlandt The Jester Ed Ettinghausen) and so many other friends I've met. Now get to run for 6-days straight in Anchorage, Alaska – again with the best distance athletes in the world who are looking to run 500 or even 600 miles in less than a week. I return to Alaska after growing up and moving away 15 years ago. It will be interesting, exciting, and fun going back, but pretty hard to try and keep my body and mind going for 144 hours straight. I've not trained for this race either but elected to train in the mountains this summer, so I have no expectations on performance at Six Days in the Dome. Maybe 250-300 miles for me should be within question.
Looking forward to the adventure.
August 4-10.
One year ago August 11, 2013 I left England, after spending my last hours witnessing William Sichel – Athlete and the other Six Day runners Kobi Oren at the British Ultra fest battling it out ….. One year later, I got to be a part of the first indoor 6-day race anywhere in the world for over 20 years. Exciting!

Will be updating and adding to this post now that my site is back up… here's what I had for the first 36 hours….

Traci Falbo

36 Hour Update

We settle into the 2nd night of running. Everyone experiencing highs and lows, it seems like. The cement, hard track is taking it's toll on runners legs as this surface is extremely hard. Concrete. This track is not a rubberized surface. For me, I'd say I'm doing alright. No injuries still. Taking it very slow, barely 74 miles in 36 hours. I'd slept a couple hours this afternoon, and last night… but still, Never thought I'd be so far back. I've been getting a good boost twice a day from Holland McMullen spoiling me bringing food and stuff:) Traci Falbo still on course to set a 48 hour record.. Valmir who was leading the race seems to have dropped out. The Japanese runners still going strong. Andy Noise, man is he an inspiration, running 100 miles! Full album of photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10203614285531021.1073741851.1032451010&type=1&l=a00bbffbc1

24 Hour Update

24hours down. Day 1 @SixDaysDome in history books. I've only done 58 miles, but taking my time because all the seasoned six day runners have said to save my legs for days 4-6. Uninjured, woohoo! Sure I'm tired though. Got to witness quite a lot of amazing athletes and feats, like Traci Falbo running 135 miles in 24 hours. She was so consistent! Joe Fejas and a couple of guys from Japan with a few others seem to know how to always run so fast! Think they did around 140-145? 

Day 1: 18 Hour update:

After 18 hours of running we are starting to notice patters, people are settling in to their grooves, some people look pained, others fresh as a 5k run.  For me, I finally hit 50 miles just before 18 hours.  This is good and bad.  Good because it's more miles than I do a week, any week except once in March all year long.  Look at my training, I've never run over 50 miles in a week in 2014 except when I ran 24 Hours of Palmer Lake at the end of March. I wasn't expecting to take 18 hours to run 50 miles though!  Never in my ultra life have I taken this long to reach it.  However I keep saying I have no expectations for this race… but to not get injured. Other good news, I took a 15 minute nap around 1:30am, and another 20 minute nap around 2:30am… that's it for Day 1 so far. 
The Story:   The first 12 hours of this race we all got to Witness Zack Bitter running 100 miles in 12 hours 8 minutes. He did not set any world records like he intented, but he put on an amazing show, running 6:45 min/mile for nearly 100 miles!

But I don't think this is the main story. I see the women two in particular who are leading this race with over 100 miles at 18 hours.  They just keep running and running so consistent. I tried to stay with Traci every few miles, but she's a consistent engine, never slowing, even after all other people slowed mostly around 12-15 hrs.  I haven't seen her slow down yet.  She is not running six days, (I think 48 hours), but in anycase, she's putting all the men to shame. So is Connie. Connie is running 24 hours and since Zack's finished running at 100 miles, she's eventually caught up and taken the lead at this point into the race.


Pre Race, Let's go!

Friday before the race, I flew from Colorado into Anchorage, saw a couple of my brothers and we went out shooting big guns near some areas we used to live.  Saturday visited old friends, checked out the track I used to run on in Jr. High and still have ribbons from a couple races there, and Sunday slept in and got prepared for the race (by eating icecream;)!) 

Had our Prerace briefings Six days in the dome followed by a 2 hour delay. We eventually stared at 11 am in Alaska. 1pm in Colorado. 8pm in England. 

Apparently I've garnered a lot of attention from my command post set up…


Splits as I can record them. 

Laps are 413.6 m or so I'm told. 

Day 1 Hour 4, 64 laps. 16.45 miles

5 hours 20:05 miles. 78 laps. 

13:21 41.12 Miles
14:09, 43.69 miles
15:18, 45.49 miles
18:00, 50.63 miles


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