Sep 10 2015

Silverton 1000 – 24 Hour Race – 2nd Place Overall – at 9,300ft Altitude 31000 ft elevation change

Silverton1000_Start (9)For the 2nd time this year, and 3rd time in my ultrarunning career, I made it to the podium of a ultramarathon race! Placing 2nd overall, the Silverton 1000 24 hour was a good test of my fitness training over the last several months in Colorado. 

Back in March I'd placed 3rd Male at the Pickled Feet 48 hour race in Boise, ID in March, and now was thrilled to podium again taking 2nd place overall at the Silverton 1000 for the 24 hour race. The Silverton 1000 is a multi-day race with options to run for 6 days, 72 hours, 48 hours, or 24 hours. This was the first year Aravaipa Running took on the race, as in years past it was under different race directors.
Situated at 9,300ft and run on a 1 mile loop with over 250 ft of gain and 250 ft of decent per mile, this is not your typical 24 hour race. But with lots of training in my legs in Colorado’s high country this summer, I thought I could go to the race and perform well. With my new work schedule forcing me to do permanent weekends, I would go out to Silverton and race on a Monday whereas everyone else in the 24 hour raced Saturday. I knew this would be a challenge, but also I knew what the benchmark would be to win the race. I went to Silverton with the intention of trying to win. Turns out the top guy on Saturday ran 64 miles on this course. I had to do 65 to win. Should be simple enough right?
Silverton1000_24HourRace (2)Sunday night, I went and did a few laps with Kristin Steele and saw her reach her 100th mile in the 72 hour race. That gave me 10 miles the night before my race would start, with 5000ft of acent and decent. Easy enough on the legs right?

Started at 9am pretty cool weather, enough to need gloves.  It was mostly overcast all day, a few patches of sun, some rain, more sun, more rain, but nothing bad.  Lap after lap I kept going, not really pressured, or worried, just trying to make the most, have fun and enjoy it all (all the climbing).  Now that I'm writing this over a month later, I don't remember all the details, except I was getting pretty hungry at night. There was lots of food throughout the day, I ate lots, but towards the evening, just seemed there was the normal candy and snack type food when I was craving real solid non-sugar food.  When I don't eat enough, obviously the energy goes down, and this leads to being cold because I'm going to slow. I kept trudging along, alone all night, would run into Chris a couple times, he'd made a fire to sit by but for the most part no one was out there.  Finally about 1:15am, I layed down to take a nap in the tent area, more because I was bored.  Started going again about 3:15 am.  Discovered the hot chocolate!  And some food. Kept going. Saw ice on the car as it had rained when I was laying down, then the rain froze to ice!  Around 5 or 6 in the morning more runners started showing up on the course getting some miles in.  In the end, but the time 9am rolled around, I'd done 62 loops on this course, climbed up 15,750ft in elevation gain, and the same in decent, with over 31,000ft elevation change. 

Silverton1000_Start (4)Legs felt strong. Feet no blisters. Had a great event. Winner was 64 miles. But no complaints, I ran what my body was capable of, and just feel strong.

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