Mar 22 2013

Rome Marathon – Race Report. New PB / PR 3:54:25

All roads lead to Rome, and I ran in Rome, on the Road. On Race day, the group I started with was about 5 minutes behind the clock time. I Started slow 10, 9 min miles to warm up and because it was so crowded until eventually speeding up to 7:50-8:10 min miles from about 6ish miles to 22-23 miles. Looking at my split timing, at 5km I was in 8,500 place, and by the end I finished in 4,422 place, meaning I passed over 4,000 people! Overall throughout the race I felt I was very stead in my pace even though it was so uncomfortably crowded.  The cobblestones were difficult to run on as they are probably 10 times harder then asphalt, there are about 12 miles of cobblestones.  I really only had one bad mile at 20 where I had to walk cause my back muscles were siezing up. But the next mile was a 7:17! At 25 Miles I was at 3:33 and when I knew I still had over 2.2 miles to go instead of 1, I sort of didn't run as hard, as long as I finished under 4 hours at the clock time. When I was At 26.2 miles on my watch I'd run it 3:45. Finally crossed the finish line with an official time of 3:54:25 for 26.9 miles. It was a Good experience, makes me want to get out and train more runs at a steady pace from 20-25 miles. It was just so crowded, I still don't enjoy the city races much, but this was more about the experience, and showing I could run a sub 4-hour marathon without really running (fast) over 15.6 miles this year. I'm still more focused on the Ultradistance runs, and am already planning my training for the Transvulcania 51 mile volcano Ultramarathon on May 11, 2013 on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands.

Here's the post video race report, including all the photos…. my favorite part is at 7:35 into the video, Andrew says: "You see how we're walking?  This is what marathons do to you!" Check it out!

Garmin Stats are below. 


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