Sep 02 2014

Nolans 14 summitted seven (7) 14,000 ft peaks consecutively over 65miles, 28,000ft gain

Nolans14 on Mt. HuronNolans14. The mind is stronger than the body. How much pain, exhaustion, cold, high altitudes, hunger, thirst, extreme weather can the body tolerate for 61.5 hours straight? Quite a lot.

Nolans14 where I summitted seven 7 #14er #14000ftpeaks consecutively over 65miles 105km 28,000ft elevation gain (56,000 combined gain/descent) about same as Everest. 61.5 hours in #Colorado#Sawatch #range#MtMassive#MtElbert#LaPlata Peak, #HuronPeak,#MtMissouri#MtBelford #MtOxford and Mt. Belford again – 8 total summits over 14,000ft on foot. Extreme conditions, ice, snow, wind, darkness, cold, altitudes, thin air, cracked feet, pain, thirst, but kept going.#TheMindIsStrongerThanTheBody #NeverGiveUp! "***

Mt. Belford7 Nolans14 peaks done, 65 total miles (extra from some detours) and between 50-56,000ft vertical elevation change on painful cracked feet. Experienced so much, can't begin to write the extremes between each 14000ft (4000+m) peak over 2.5 days. From 65mph winds blowing snow on Belford to 15 deg F at 3:30 am trying to go down ice n snow with some rocks down steep slopes, to rain, throat closing up on one peak, seen so much. I knew I wouldn't make all 14 peaks early on because I was so slow, but vowed to keep going unless injured, and to use all 60 hours to keep going. Every time I stopped my feet hurt so bad but would keep going till the pain was numb. I'm thankful for making it as far as I did, that God always kept me alive, and for all the support from Chris Kumm who helped me out so much along the way. 
ViewGoing down the Avalanche alley straight down Mt Missouri was thrilling. Going up Belford in horizontal snow was exciting, later a guy who witnessed this said when he saw us he couldn't believe it and someone must have some ba!#s.. 
Will never forget the cold snow and ice on LaPlata and the urge to sleep, and I'd doze off for 5 minutes at 4am before my body would wake me before freezing in the snow. Many more pictures and stories to come out later.***"



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