Jun 18 2016

26.3 mile Marathon training run in heat of day, Camp Humpreys to Osan AirBase and back to Pyeongtaek and Wongjeong-ri

Made it a marathonEver since I started getting my bearings after arriving in Korea, I wanted to see if it was possible to run from my place abot 55 miles south of Seoul, up to Seoul – the capital. The point is to join up places on a map, and after I live in an area, state, or country for a long time, I like to see a heat map of all the places I've run.  I did this in England manually at first on a big wall map, and later Strava and some other software programs do the same thing.  About 3 weeks ago one morning (May 27, 2016 I took a train up to Osan the city, and ended up running to Seoul in about 38 miles.  A week later June 4th, I joined another 44 mile daygroup and we started a bit further south, then joined up with where I'd run before, and I continued onto Seoul finishing in Yongsan with 44 miles.  Needing to figure out how to run up to Osan, I left my place this morning with just a waterbottle, some money in my pocket and some coconut.  Nothing else. No pack, no trailmix, no gels. Really just a half a scoop of uCann starch in the waterbottle.

Didn't have too much of a plan for the day, but intended to find my way to Osan AB without a route, or much of a map, and eventually found it, was only 11ish miles, got a slushy, figured I might as run back to Pyeongtaek, and Camp Humphreys, and get good heat training in. Hot and so tiredPhone said it was 83F watch said 86F, but may have been hotter on the road. I did take a few breaks every couple miles just because I was getting so hot. Didn't carry a pack or food. Just water bottle with 1/2 scoop uCann drank it first 2 hours. All day from the time I woke up to the end of marathon ate the following: apple, 1 egg, 1/2 coconut; 1/2 scoop ucann, 12 oz of lemonade, 2 ice cream cones, 1 slushy, 1 24 oz of Aloe drink, 1 6 oz drink of orange juice. Seriously that's what I consumed all day. And it was hot! My pace was pretty quick while moving, and my watch even said it was a marathon PR… only for the watch, and that hot outdoesn't count elapsed time, I took a few breaks, so that doesn't really count. But for the most part, I've never gone this fast in a point to point training run as long as a marathon, and never gone this far without a pack, in training. Just do it! #keeponrunning

And I weighed 159.6 at the end! Never been that low since a teenager!

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44 mile run to Seoul from Osan AB.

Pyeongtaek Train station

Trail to Osan Slushy Route Resting the legs Pyeongtaek Train station Osan Made it a marathon hot out Hot and so tired Hot and need food Cities 159 pounds 44 mile day

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