Jul 11 2015

July 8, 2015 – 35 Miles, 158 Miles 4 days, Rain, Drained, Sleepy, Up from Denver.

July 8, 2015. 35 Miles north from Denver. Rain, drained and slow giong. 158 miles in 4 days! Dave A & kids ran a mile, boosting energy
July 7, 2015. 41 Miles, Highways, Byways, Rain, Country to City “I’m actually doing this!” Colorado Run – Denver (Read todays Report and Photos here
July 6, 2015. Ran over 31 miles today Day 2 Colorado Run, after yesterday's 51 miles. 82 miles 2 days. Pretty good day, (read about it here). 
July 5, 2015. Made it 51 miles.  Quite an interesting story with lots of photos, (Read here). It had to do with biting flies in 93F/34C between Pueblo, Fountain, and Colorado Springs.

35 Mile Run from Denver, 158 miles 4 days. Dirty Denver, up to I-25 Frontage Road towards Fort Collins, and a day's worth of rain, soaked to the core. 156 miles is the distance of Marathon de Sables, the 4 Deserts race, Al Andalus Ultimate Trail, all are 5 DAY stage races. I've run further in 4 days than those high profile races do in 5 days!

After staying at Jason Romero's and being impressed with his enthusiasm and impecible crewing getting me ready for Day 4, I was pretty excited.  We studied the maps, and decided I would go straight up DenverRoadsWashington St. out of Denver up I-25 frontage road so it was easier access for me to civilization, instead of heading towards Greeley.  I finally started my watch walking north out of Denver at 8:30am going towards Fort Collins, but knew it would be a long day. Denver Slum I was quite happy with the adventure of it all and that I also had another runner – Will – agree to pick me up in the evening.  

The part of Denver I was walking up was quite ugly, lots of smog, industrial, run down, but I expected this here.  I noticed I wasn't really getting into a groove, and stopped to have some McDonalds breakfast around 10am. I just kept walking, but was feeling slow and heavy and sleepy. Around noon I took a Red Bull (I had two during my entire 200 miles) because this always gets be going in bad dire situations. Yet an hour later I was still struggling and kept stopping to rest, and just wanted to sleep.  Seems like no matter what I did, I just wanted to sleep. I'm not sure if it was the ibuprofen or something during the day that made me so slow and tired.  It was a different feeling then just being tired from a long day's running.  

House in Fields Interstate Roads again Roads Washington StSomewhere north of Thorton, it started raining again, and wouldn't let up for many hours. The way Washington St is layed out, meant there was no shoulder and the spray from the cars, the loud noises of truck passing, and weather just made everything miserable.  I think I had only gone 18 miles in 9 hours, that's how slow I was going. Finally found a Chick-fil-A and went in there to warm up and eat.  That boosted my energy a little and was happy to make it to the I-25 frontage road, where stop lights would go away and I could just go North.  

Will CrewingI think around 6:30 or 7pm, Will Allender showed up, and had some dry socks, food and a drier rain coat.  After carrying my pack all day long, to now go without it, I think I knocked out a 12 minute mile! This felt so much better than the suffering all day.  Finally we just knocked out the miles, and I was about 30 miles when David Aragon met up with us at Wendy's on Exit 240 on I-25. I hadn't seen him since 2006 or 2008 when I was still in Texas.  I ate some bacon cheesy fries and chocolate frosty and felt so much better! Normally I eat healthy, but was quickly learning that I needed to eat more, and more often, more calories, my body was turning into a energy consuming/producing machine.  

Dave ADavid and his kids wanted to run a bit with me, and we were all fired up.  During my whole journey, I was running solo except for 2-3 miles, and these were the miles I cherished most.  They were so excited, and really hoping I'd make it to Wyoming the next day. They provided such a boost and Will kept crewing as I continued a couple more miles.  This was my slowest day so far, and I was so frustrated with my slow walking earlier and only having 35 miles while being out there 13+ hours. I knew I wouldn't make the border by the next night because I thought I still had 62 miles to go.  

This 35 miles eeked out on across Colorado run. 158 miles in 4 days from Pueblo up the front range through Denver, almost to Fort Collins. Struggled hard on Day 4. Learned that my body is now in a non-stop need to eat mode, or I bonk. Everything I eat is getting converted to energy, and I can't eat fast enough, must do better tomorrow. Must have ate 6000-8000 calories, I don't know, but still need more. I get Hungry within 1 hour of eating a full meal. 
Couldn't have done the miles today without the help of Will Allender crewing for 15 miles! So happy to be joined by David Aragon and his kids for a mile. Sure makes things like this kind of running come alive. 
Day 4 was so hard, with 3-4 consecutive hours of hard rain, and not much energy to run. So slow for 9 hours, then picked it up the last hours. Denver was a bit sketchy, parts of Thornton, but I got through. 158 miles is more than most all the notorious 5 day stage races out there.. 
Need sleep. Will see what happens tomorrow.

Done Day

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