Jul 08 2015

July 7, 2015 – 41 Miles, Highways, Byways, Rain, Country to City “I’m actually doing this!” Colorado Run

Today was the day I start getting excited, "I'm actually doing this!" whatever this is, running across Colorado, at least from Pueblo. When I first started, I was so unsure, without confidence – steping out across the Arkansas River just 3 days ago and looking North.Colorado 105 July 7 Getting over Palmer Lake was not just a physical hump (it's literally the dividing line between climate, geology, counties, etc…) it was a psycological boost, because going beyond meant the rest would be just a little bit easier. 

RoadJuly 7 started sleeping in a little late again, to 7am, searching around for a place I could stay in Denver, and finally going out to where I'd stopped last night on the Colorado 105, Mile marker 22.  Starting around 9:30 am, the senery was still serene, and I loved it. Nice green country pastures, cool weather, a bit of mist, and a lot of animals feeding in the fields.  Oh so much like England.  The first 11 miles would be getting to Sedalia.  That was done simple enough, and from that point onward, it was going to be battling the traffic, roads, big highways, whatever got thrown at me. South Platte River I headed North on Highway 85, and what an abrupt change.  HWY 85Loud, and I mean so loud I wish I had ear plugs – loud traffic with portions less than 6-12 inches of shoulder on the road.  The weather started turning mucky, just dark and smog looking.  In Sedalia, I didn't really get food because I thought there would be a lot of food in Littleton about 11 miles away.  On my way, it started raining pretty good, I put on my rain gear, and got in the mindset to charge forward no matter the RoadsI-25weather.  I was heading to Tammy Adams for food, but it was 23 miles from Sedalia.  I finally got across the C-470 highway, and this was a new part of the journey.  Rush hour traffic, heavy rain, spray, and no food anywhere! I was feeling ok because of the adrenaline of running in such extreme weather and trying to get out of the traffic, but soon my energy levels dwindled and with the pack I was carrying I slowed to a crawl.  I finally found a car wash business that had snacks inside, I got to bear claw pastries and continued on.  Finally met Tammy and she cooked up some good Chicken stirfry which I gulped down.  I was so full, yet I knew It would probably only last a couple hours.. just enough to get me 8 miles to Jason Ramero's.  Denver

Going through Denver was so cool, I'd finally done it! Even though I wasn't doing any kind of record, or full Colorado FKT, It was still surreal to think I'd run from Pueblo 2 days ago, Colorado Spring yesterday, and was running through Downtown Denver. A few more miles to Jason's, and he had a welcoming party about a half mile IMG_0936out from his place, and they were blowing soccer horns at 10:30pm so the entire town heard my arrival!  He got me inside, instantly resting, icing my knees and feet and eating getting ready for tomorrow.  

Jason RameroTomorrow, I'm not sure how far I'll get, I'd like another 40-50 miles, but it all depends on food, how my body holds up and what gets thrown at me along the way.  Thanks for reading!.


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