Jul 06 2015

July 6, 2015. 31 Miles run – Day 2 Colorado Running, Rain, over the hump of Palmer Lake.

Ran over 31 miles today Day 2 Colorado Run, after yesterday's 51 miles. 82 miles 2 days

50km run today.  Tomorrow night I should be on the North side of Denver. Just keep moving, one step at a time. Rained most of today, but I didn't mind. Reminded me of England or Wales. Late start this morning, run from north Colorado Springs to between Palmer Lake and Salida. Peaceful, wet, Colorado day. 

After yesterday's 51 miles, I was spent, worn, so sore, especially my back. I tried waking up early, and I just couldn't, my body wouldn't let me.  Looking SouthFor the 2nd day in a row, without a real plan, I just went for it, not knowing how far I was going, or where.  I carried some fruit and a water bottle and started very later after 10:30am.  Guess I just needed the lazy start.  I knew it was about 10 miles to the Monument Wal-Mart area where I could get food for the next leg.  The weather called for 100% thunderstorms over Monument and I hoped I could make it to Palmer Lake ok. In Monument, I stopped and got a good chorizo burrito and asked for 3 extra tortillas for the road.  I kept watching the rain clouds overhead, wondering when it was going to drench IMG_0885where I was.  Finally I left and headed into the mist for the next 7 mile portion.  It was very very wet all the way to Palmer Lake. I was cold, and it was uphill. I wondered if James Strawn was at his house, as he'd run my Palmer Lake 24 hour race which is on the course.  I knocked and he answered!  I probably looked a sorry state, he said I could come in, dry off and all that.  I stayed maybe an hour and a half, and felt refreshed.  I told him I needed another 10 miles minimum for the day, and hoped to go up the Colorado 105 towards Sedalia.  He said he could come get me after 9 p.m.  I left his around 6pm, and it was raining pretty hard.  With layers of rain gear, I just kept going north on Colorado 105.  

IMG_0890The 105 was so green, wet, quiet, and surreal.  It was like I was in England or Wales again.  The mist, rain, green mountains, everything was so opposite of yesterday's scorching heat.  I just enjoyed my time out there, kept going, and did 14 more miles, finishing the day with 50km / 31.4 miles.  If all goes well, I hope to get dropped off where I stopped, and run the 35 miles to downtown Denver, and further north if I can.  




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