Jan 08 2017

Epic 28 mile Ultramarathon Jan 8, 2017 Seoul Trail Plus so much more!

Started late in the day (this week I work nights, so trying to adjust), took a subway for 1 HOUR North to Start of the Seoul Trail to do a section of it before dark. Figured it out, scrambled to get the 9 miles of trail and 2,700ft of ascent done, Barely fitting that in before sundown. Then wanted to see if I could make my way west and south towards the Han River about 10-14 miles away. The paths were well lit and I enjoyed this part a lot. Accomplished that, on just some snacks and couple of rice things along the way. Didn't eat much at all, was fat burning a lot, slow and steady, but just kept going! When I got to the Han River, I crossed over to the South Side, grabbed a sandwich, went a couple miles, crossed back over the North side via a different bridge, North towards Itaewon where I hoped to grab some food if any places were open. Got 2 chicken kebabs, was so starving. Ate one at 26 miles, and finished off the day with 28 miles, and 100 miles total for the week, and 2nd 100 mile+ consecutive week.

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