Jul 01 2015

Colorado – 5 Day run July 2015 – 203 miles! From Pueblo to nearly Wyoming – solo mostly unsupported

Running 5 Days across Colorado. – 203 miles solo mostly unsupported

July 9, 2015. 44 Miles completed north, Fort Collins, Ran out of food, kept going, supported by Will, got to within 12 miles of the Wyoming Border! 203 miles done, run! (Report Write up for Day 5 Here)

July 8, 2015. 35 Miles north from Denver. Rain, drained and slow giong. 158 miles in 4 days! Dave A & kids ran a mile, boosting energy ( Story Write up and Photos Here)

July 7, 2015. 41 Miles, Highways, Byways, Rain, Country to City “I’m actually doing this!” Colorado Run – Denver (Read todays Report and Photos here

July 6, 2015. Ran over 31 miles today Day 2 Colorado Run, after yesterday's 51 miles. 82 miles 2 days. Pretty good day, (read about it here). 

July 5, 2015. Made it 51 miles.  Quite an interesting story with lots of photos, (Read here). It had to do with biting flies in 93F/34C between Pueblo, Fountain, and Colorado Springs.
Colorado 203 Mile Run Map

Background: There's 100 mile races, There's 200 mile races, there's Vol State  across Tennessee. There's all kinds of FKT's on trails. Many talented athletes have run across America.  But if you had 5 days off from work (those of us who run ultramarathons on the side as a hobby) why not put the body to the limit, test it, push beyond just to do it, and believe that it can be done. 

Why:  Race entry fees are so expensive, most marathons, and ultramarathons are in a price range many of us cannot afford. I get asked countless times have I, or will I run "xxx race" be it Leadville 100 ($350), Pikes Peak ascent ($150), Bighorn 100 ($250), Denver Marathon ($105), even a local Colorado Springs 10 km race, etc… and in 100% of the cases my answer is no because I cannot afford to enter the race and still support a family.  I've been priced out of competing in the US.  No physical limits are preventing me from these events.  The Colorado 200 mile race over $925 dollars just to register, which could never be justified in my tiny limited income. Sometimes I've been given comped entries or support to run a race, but this is rare. This is why the race I direct Palmer Lake 24 Hour race is just $30 to enter, so anyone can race. 
Physically, I'm in the best shape of my life for competition having lost over 25 pounds, averaging 78 miles a week in 2015, no injuries, and able to go run an ultramarathon any given day. 

Info: July 5 – 10 at 6am. Physically I'm in prime shape to run now, during longer daylight hours, I have no future race plans, but been keeping up with 78-100 mile weeks regularly. 

Need Help: Would like some support and help: 1) Borrow a GPS tracking device, for live location information at all times. (Update: Will A. has let me use his tracking device)  2) Possibly a pair of shoes, mine have been donated to me from kind ultrarunners, but most already have a thousand miles on them and very worn out. Size 11 wide or 11.5 work. (Update: Miguel and Brad W. are delivering some shoes!)  3) Food along the way. Just regular food, but approximately 8-10,000 calories a day. If given a choice, I prefer Chinese fast food with any kind of meat, any Asian food shushi or any calorie dense food. Bacon & eggs or avacado is always a great boost! 4) Vehicle driver, and vehicle ahead to sleep in a couple hours during down time. Can be several people in a relay helping at different times. Only a luxury item, but if possible a Garmin GPS that works and isn't broken like mine. 

Support:  Need a team to help with support vehicle, or vehicles or several people helping each day.  Any help with food, water, foot care, logistics for each section of the route, will all be helpful. 

Causes? If possible, I'd like to raise money to pay an entry fee into the Ottawa 24 hour race, ($160 dollars plus air fare) as part of my long term goal to make the USA 24 Hour Championship team (running approximately 150 miles in 24 hours), but need to do that in a race, and need support entering either Ottawa or a couple other races (Desert Solstice or others) that many ultrarunners race. If I had a real "cause" to raise awareness about, I'd like to see solitary confinement ending in US prisons, as well as wrongfully accused prisoners exonerated through the work of organizations like the Innocence Project. Every run doesn't need a cause, but hey, why not throw all that out there.  Personally, I just need support entering races to become more competitive and experienced.  The 100 mile weeks I put in on the side while working full time are high quality, and I realistically believe I can make the team, if I entered a couple races to get me there. 

Realistic? Doable? Has it been done?  Yes, no, I don't know, July 5th anytime through July 10 at 6am I have 5 days free from work, I'd like to run across Colorado. I'm open to ideas to what I need to do to get this done. The physical running part is easy; the logistics planning, food, and body repair might be the hard part. 

Six Months into 2015, I've run over 2,020 miles, average 78 miles/week this year. Over 25 lbs lost. I've put in the effort, time, dedication and training. Please donate via PayPal on my site and help me continue to compete. Thank you.

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Dawn till Dusk till Dawn 24 Hour Track Ultra

July 5, 2015 – 51 Miles, Biting flies 93F/34C Pueblo, Fountain, Colorado Springs

IMG_0836A long day. Started across the Arkansas River in S. Pueblo and headed north with a 20 pound pack of water, food, rain gear, etc. This was an alternate plan after just trying to make the most of my 5 day “run” across Colorado. Without support, I’d just start there. The first sign of trouble was a sign indicating the road/route I'd planed to take parallel to I-25 was closed with a bridge broken. I asked some passing people in the opposite direction if they thought I could get through, they assumed I probably could. Soon as the road was sparsely populated, I noticed some piercing pain in my calves, sure enough a fly latched on, and I killed it. Maybe a minute later, again. And again. I wasn’t sure at first if it was just a swarm in that local area, so kept going. It just got worse and worse, I was swinging my arms, killing the flies every few seconds, and seeing them flying right behind me getting ready to latch on to my calves. I tried not freaking out, but just kept going, hoping I’d get out of the area, or it would get too hot for them, wasn’t sure what to do. A couple miles down the road, I still was flailing my arms about using my buff to swipe at them, and my water bottle to crush them. When the pain and mind numbing torture became unbearable and thinking there’s no way I’d get out of this I started thinking I should turn back. There was no traffic because that bridge was broken. I thought I’d probably get some disease or those flies would bite all my calf skin off, so in the weirdest feeling ever,IMG_0841 I turned back to Pueblo. I’d gone 7 miles with the flies biting. I had to go 7 miles back. And I wasn’t running fast, I was fast walking/jogging because of the heavy pack. Not sure what to do at all, when I got close to Pueblo, Bob Shaw called me, he’d been watching the GPS tracker and I didn’t know. He was going to come out and help for a few hours with food and support. Seeing me turning around, and also seeing from the North side that the bridge was out, we met a few miles later at Wal-Mart to re-evaluate what to do. It was 93 degrees F, and my water was so hot it was disgusting to drink. 

Bob was such a Godsend! He brought Asian food, cold drinks and all kinds of food. I drank quite a bit Dr. Pepper, and other stuff to get some energy in the sun. I was zapped. I’d done just over 19 miles for the morning, and we decided to go about 19 miles North of Pueblo and south of Fountain to drop me off, I wouldn’t have to carry the pack, and I could run for a bit, and get further up the road. [I’d already run the full route from Colorado Springs to Pueblo in March, so wasn’t really worried about every step right now, with the flies and bridge out, it was the new adaptive plan]. Bob went 4-5 miles down the road, I ran a little quicker, though it was still very tough because of the heat, and radiating off the black road, with no wind whatsoever. I guess it “cooled down” to 87 deg F in Fountain, but it was just miserable. Plus I kept getting phantom bite pains, and I’d feel that all day long. IMG_0853Give you the hibby jibbies. Swiping at your arms and neck and legs all day, feeling that piercing stinging feeling, for 16 hours! Ahhhhh. I’d mentioned to Bob how I wonder why the flies go straight for the black compression socks, he said for the flies, my legs looks like a horses ar$e…Oh hahaha. Guess it makes sense. 

Bob did his part, helped crew for a few hours, into civilization North of Fountain where there was plenty of convenience stores should I need it. I took my pack again and walked/ran another 10 miles to downtown Colorado Springs. Wasn’t sure what to do, but the luxury of working there with a gym in my building, I took full advantage of the shower! Yes, after 38 miles, I showered. Then changed decisions again, and decided the best bet was to continue running toward home. 51 miles total and 17 hours out there, it was a long day. Not sure what tomorrow brings, it all depends on the weather. And if these phantom bite pains IMG_0867go away so I can sleep a few hours! I was quite slow, but overall, satisfied with all that transpired today. 111 miles for this week, 2,100 miles in 2015, Day 203 Run Streak. 

31.6 miles https://www.strava.com/activities/340087928

19.2 miles https://www.strava.com/activities/340087903

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