Oct 12 2013

Boulder 100km – 14:28 PB/PR, 2nd place male. Gemini Adventures

Boulder 100km finisher, 2nd place male. 65.7 miles in 14:27. Boulder 100km FinishNot a lot of people, but still got it done and most importantly finished! Rested up and feeling energized again. At the Boulder 24 hours of Endurance races. Other people in 100 mile and 24 hour races, but I was happy to do 100 km. (65.7 miles it turned out.). No watch, Garmin, music, crew, just ran all day. My Friend Ellen came out and ran the last 14 miles during the dark hours, and enjoyed a break of the boredom. Had 1 blister. PB PR by 1 hr 20 mins, and hadn't even trained for this race. Now if I start training again, I might start getting good in other races:)


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