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Adventure Traveler

Adventure Traveling – I've been to dozens of countries around the world and love to seek new adventures in places I've never been.  Be it the steppes of remote Mongolia bordering Siberia, the sand dunes of Qatar, deserts of Kuwait, frozen tundra of Alaska, or crossing the Alps on foot from Germany, Austria, Switzerland to Italy in a week, exploring the urban city centers of Atlanta, Chicago, LA, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Ulaanbatar, ancient cities of Rome, Jerusalem, Masada, Pompeii, Marrakech, Baghdad, Thessoloniki, or cultural centers of London, New York City, Cologne, Stockholm, Barcelona, San Francisco, Auckland I've walked it all. I've climbed volcanic mountains in Tenerife, swam in the north shores of Oahu, Hawaii and in the Medditerranian Sea in Croatia and Tel Aviv, dipped my hands in the cold Wellington, New Zealand waters in winter.  I've nearly melted in swealtering heat on bus rides in hot deserts and nearly frozen in exursions on the bogged moorlands in Northern England, snow caves in Alaska, and been battered by horizonal rain on an exposed mountain in Wales. I love the thrill of adventure, experiencing cultures, flying to new destinations, and using my own two feet to walk or run across the ground. Adventure Traveling is just getting out there and living life. Writing about it, photographing it, living it, experiencing it, creating lasting memories. I have driven and walked in 49 of the 50 US states visited nearly every major city in the country as a truck driver, I've spent the night in hundreds, maybe thousands of different locations in my lifetime.  Favorite place I've lived would be Boulder, Colorado from 1999-2001. Favorite places I've been include Jerusalem, Rome, Hawaii, New Zealand, Marrakech Morocco, and a 10,000 ft mountain on the border between Austria and Switzerland. Live life to the fullest. 

I have extensive orienteering and survival skills while running or navigating especially in Alaska or the UK or Alps. I used to mountain bike around the foothills of Boulder Colorado often on 18-25 mile rides just exploring different trails in the mountains back in 1999-2001. I haven't done much rope climbing or kayaking since being in Alaska, but for the time being I look at any chance to get out and explore unknown areas as an adventure. 

I think the 8 day 175 mile 4 country run over the Alps from Germany through Austria, Switzerland and finishing in Italy would be considered a great adventure race! The 2011 TransAlpine run was probably the most adventurous and amazing race I've ever done, and finished!

Always ready and willing for an adventure anytime.





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