May 28 2016

38 mile Ultramarathon run, Osan to Seoul, Unsupported Solo Point to Point Just do it!

38 mile Ultramarathon run, Osan to Seoul, Unsupported Solo Point to Point in South Korea

RunJust got up and did it. No preparation or training, just wanted to run to Seoul from Osan (another day I'll run my place to Osan). Ended up going 60+ km+/ 37+ miles from Osan. Unsupported on the fly training run. It was hard, but not too bad. Missed these kinds of long point to point #ultramarathon training runs. But once the mind is set to accomplish an #endurance feat, I get er done. #JustDoIt! After mile 23.5, there was no more water or food along the way. So after hitting the #marathon , went another 10 miles just drained, but kept the steady pace, I was in the fat burning zone. I'd gone 2 miles earlier in the day also, to get to train. 39+ miles today. Yes my legs and body tried rebelling, but just kept going, North, across the Han River. When ever I go to a new place, I run point to point, trying to connect up points on a map. I'll run across Korea eventually. RippedBit by bit. This morning I ate spinich, cheese, eggs, bacon early on in the run. Later around miles 16 and 23 had ice cream and apple juice and aloe drink. Trail mix, and I can't remember much else, so not too much eaten today. Overall a great run for solo unsporrted. Thankful for Bryan Ford for the course, he did on a bike, I followed on foot.



Photos from the Day


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