Dec 31 2010

2010 – Race Reports, Stats, 47 Races in a single year. The year of the UltraMarathon




December 12, 2010

Bedford Half Marathon, PB/PR 1:42:31 13.19 mi 07:46 min/mile pace

Ran my final race of the season at Bedford. This race was run less than 7 days after running 46 miles in the mountains north of San Francisco, so I was still sore and not completely refreshed. But still managed to get a PB/PR on a hilly course. 47th race of the year!


December 4 & 5, 2010

The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships Day 1: 50K/32 Miles         Report: 

Finished the hardest 32 miles race I've ever attempted with 13,406 feet of elevation change (equivalent of running 45 miles on flat road) in 7 hours 20 minutes. The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k Championships in San Francisco. Hard but nice running through the Redwood forests. Questionable in whether I'll attempt the Half Marathon tomorrow. I'll be the only person to have ever attempted races on both days. So sore already but will finish strong. 6,500 more feet to climb and decend. Bring it!


Day 2 Report        PHOTO ALBUMS HERE

The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon Day 2 14.0 miles

Finished 46 miles of the hardest, hilliest races in the last 24 hours. A '50km & Half Marathon' on consecutive days. 19,000 feet elevation change (like running 65 flat miles in 2 days). Every muscle in leg hurts. Today was race number 46 for the year, and 1,910 miles run in 2010:) Now flying 11 hours back to England. Not fun.


December 1, 2010 Update:

With a flurry of 10 or more races in the last 8 weeks, and three more in next 2 weeks, it is hard to keep up and keep track.   Several big news events to share:


  1. 1.I was lucky to get into the 2011 London Marathon

            Thank you W&DAC for drawing my name!


  1. 2.December 4, I will be racing in the 2010 North Face Endurance ChallengeChampionship 50K trail ultramarathon north of San Francisco, and the next day Dec 5, will race the 13.1 mile Half Marathon trail race before flying back to England. 


  1. 3.Ran a 18.1 mile trail NIGHT race in snow and ice in Wales.  Surreal!!!

            Sleepwalker night race Garmin map link: here. Photo Album & notes


  1. 4. Ran a quicker than expected  St. Neots Half Marathon the day after running the Dirt Half Marathon Challenge; both just days after the 82 mile below…


  1. 5.Completed 82.9 miles in three days of insane trail racing along the Ridgeway trail in England as part of the Druid Challenge ultra race. 


November 12, 13, 14: Druid Challenge – 82.9 Miles in 3 Days is Complete! I finished.  Photo Album (with all 3 days of Notes)  

Day 1 Garmin / Google Map Route Day 1 Link here

Day 2 Garmin / Google Map Route Day 2 Link here

Day 3 Garmin / Google Map Route Day 3 maps


November 7, 2010 Rutland Marathon 26.11 mi 04:55 11:19 pace

Finished Marathon Number 10 this year, and 6th marathon in the last 2 months (counting training marathons) too. 8th race in 8 weeks bringing yearly total to 38!  This marathon was difficult to finish, legs just didn’t feel like running any good pace after a while. Ran 7 miles yesterday too.  Based on stats (below and on stats page) yes, I know I’m over doing it, but I am gambling and attempting to accomplish two tasks:


November 3, 2010

Ran a 26.2 mile  training run marathon on Saturday, then raced Stanwick Lakes 10K in 46:59 after pacing a friend the first 4 miles.  Total miles for weekend was 36.5 miles; weekly milage: 51.2


October 24 2010 Brentwood Marathon (Cross-Country) Trail26.28 mi 04:34 10:25 pace

Ran Brentwood marathon on a cross-country and trail course 12 laps. Enjoyed it very much, soft ground, easy on legs. Total elevation change = 4,435 feet. Not bad after running 10 miles YESTERDAY, running a 5,000ft elevation change 1/2 marathon a week ago, and two other marathons in the past 6 weeks. Happy to finish. It was cold and windy and sunny though.



October 16, 2010 CTS –  – Dorset 1/2 Marathon. 13.43 mi 02:54 12:56pace  (2,165 ft elevation accent, total 4,330 feet elevation change)

I finished the race, took it easy, climbed a lot, Lots of technical terrain and trails, mud, beach, rocks, pasture, endless gates. Got lots of great photos which I will post soon, but was still having problems with my Achilles that had flared up on Thursday. Super slow time; not worried about that, just finishing. Great route and beautiful scenery. Hopefully will get the calf muscle sorted out.


October 10,  2010 Portland Marathon 26.47 mi 04:04 09:13 pace

Portland Marathon. Pouring rain for 4 hours. Started off great and quick, but at mile 18 started slowing up the big hill and never recovered. Barely got through the last 5 miles.


October 1, 2010:

Signed up for The -82 miles 3 days – “Druid Challenge” Ridgeway Multistage Ultra November 12th– 14th 2010. Should be good training for the North Face Endurance Challenge Championships in San Francisco in December.


September 25, 2010 CTS 1: Isle of Wight 1/2 Marathon 13 mi 02:0409:32


Finished the Isle of Wight (Coastal Trail Series) 13.1 mile half marathon in 2:04:03 PB for a trail race:) Beautiful scenery, picture perfect weather, lots of hills/small mountains. 1,784 ft elevation gain.  Had a great time, only got lost for 2 miles (with about 20 others) and had to go backwards twice elsewhere dropping items, arghh. Still Finished 25 out of 74.


September 19, 2010  Cransley 1/2 Marathon 13.07 mi 01:53 08:39 pace

I had planned on pacing a friend (Kelly) along this hilly half marathon course to help her achieve a goal of running a sub 2 hour half marathon.  We ran a perfect race and she was able to not only run under a 2 hour, but shaved 11 minutes off her PB/PR.  In total, I ended up running 26.2 miles today. Ended up running 6.9 miles to start of Cransley 1/2 Marathon, pacing Kelly to a 1:53:16 13.1 mile race, then ran another 10Km afterwards. Oh yeah, ran 11 miles yesterday too, bringing weekend to 37.2 miles (5,214 calories burned since lunch yesterday); 54 miles for week ending Sept 19.


September 12, 2010  Robin Hood Marathon 26.39 mi 04:52 11:04 pace

The Robin Hood Marathon will be just one of those races that went wrong, and I’ll just have to accept it, and hope for a better race next time.


August 31, 2010  Boston 6 hour ultramarathon 36.6 miles in 6:00:00!

36.6 mile race run today. Best race I've ever run over 1/2 marathon in terms of times and pace and distance. Run on a 1 lap course – here are my splits: 
(Distance) (Hours:Minutes) 
7.2 miles – 1:00 
13.1 miles – 1:46 (almost a PR, 1:43 Half is my best ever) 
14.5 miles – 2 hours 
18 Miles – ~2:30 
20 Miles – 2:50 
21 Miles – 3:00 (really slowed down from hour 3 to 4) 
26.4 miles (Marathon) 3:56 
50K ultra marathon / 31 Miles 5:00 
36.6 miles — 6 hours!


August 10, 2010 Blisworth 5 Mile Race 5 mi 33:32  6:42 pace

Ran a very hard race, with hills in every mile. Hard to concentrate, was going so fast, a little oxygen deprived I think. Had lots of caffeine before race. 1st mile was 5:47 – oops.


July 21, 2010

Completed 100km/62-mile Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Ultramarathon: Finished 8th overall

Ran my first ever 100km/62 mile ultramarathon on July 21, 2010 after training for 8 months.  The race went off without much of any problems, except for an hour of drenching rain in some hills about miles 47-51.  Though I walked about 15 miles, climbed up and down 15,000 of elevation change, and carried 15 pounds of gear and water, I managed to finish in 8th place overall with a time of 15 hours 49 minutes!  The race was not all fun, but the experience was priceless, and the journey monumental. (Full Race Report Here)


June 28, 2010

Completed 44 mile ultramarathon- Endurance Life Classic Quarter

    44 miles of England’s Southwest Coastal Path from Lizard Point to Lands End


June 6, 2010

Northants Ultra 35 Mile Ultramarathon – Go Beyond – 35.4 mi / 07:57

Managed to finish my first ever ultramarathon. Started off terrible with a bad permanent cramp in calf, made me walk nearly the first 9 miles. After some onthespot treatment magic, was able to continue and finish. I had fun. It was pouring ran a couple times, got lost a couple times, but in all it wasn't that bad (lots of walking). I feel fine and will recover in a couple days

By the way, I wrote a post-race report for the ultramarathon I ran and if you have the time, hope you enjoy some descriptive reading of this run. 


May, 22, 2010

Exmoor Coastal Trail Series Marathon – 26.78 mi / 07:14:20 16:13 pace

I finally finished this exrutiating hard trail marathon. It took for ever to finish! 26.7 miles in 7 hours 14 minutes. Climbed soo many mountains. 80-85 degree temperature on course. Arduous. Hard. Hot. Mind numbing. Insane! But I made it, I'm happy I finished.




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