2017 Race Schedule 2017

Sept 1, 2, 3, 2017 – DMZ 100K Trail Race, South Korea (border with North Korea)
October 14, 2017 – TransJeju Trail 50K Hallasan Mountain, Jeju Island South Korea
Jan 27, 2018 – Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race – UTWT – Hong Kong

———–Completed Races—————

Feb 26, 2017, Gyeonggi International Half Marathon, Suwon SK.  1:56
March 17, 2017,
Osan St Patricks Day 5K, 21:08
March 19, 2017, DongA
Seoul International Marathon – Seoul, South Korean – 4:43
April 2, 2017,
Youngju 1/2 Marathon– Youngju, South Korea 1:46 8:08 pace
April 8, 2017,
Yongsan Garrison 1/2 Marathon– Seoul, South Korea 8:08 pace for 12 miles
April 9, 2017,
Gunsan International Cherry Blossom Half Marathon – Wolmyeong Stadium in Gunsan City – 2:08:18
May 20, 2017,
The North Face 50K or 100K Korea– PyeongChang, South Korea – 9:25:40
May 27, 2017,
Ocean Day Marathon (Bada marathon), Seoul.  5:39
June 4, 2017,
Mad Moose 10 Mile High Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 2:02
June 17, 2017,
King of the Mountain – Namsan, Seoul Flyers 10K race – 55:20
June 25, 2017 –
Sky Running 42K, Gohan/Sabuk area, SK – 6:43:55
August 13, 2017
Cheongsong 5K Apple Race – Cheongsong, South Korea 22:00
Aug 19, 2017 –
Chuncheon Trail mountain race, 19k 11.7 miles, 1:56, 8th place

Race Results from 2016 when I remembered to add them:
Dec 3, 2016The North Face Endurance Challenge Series – 50 mile Championship, San Francisco, CA
Oct 9, 2016 – South Korea – Army 10.2 Mile Shadow Run/Race 1:14 (7:19 min/mile)

October 1, 2016 – Ultra Trail Mt. Jiri – 34 miles, 13,000ft ascent, 54/209 place. Mountain tough
September 17, 2016 – Self Transcendence 24 Hour Track Race London
It happened, 100km, nothing more to say.
August 13, 24 hour Track Ultra – Bunbury, WA Western Australia
(Ran 154 km, 96 miles, 8th place overall, 6th place male. Excellent crewing from Sean Kaesler)

WesternAustralia_Track24hour_Aug2016_4 IMG_9664 IMG_9661 I've raced a fair a bit since arriving in South Korea in March 2016.  I post daily on Instagram, Facebook, and try to get videos out on YouTube, and even dabbling with live broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook Live. All under Israel The Runner.

2016 5 Events, 716.23 km
13.-14.08.2016 Track Ultra WA 24h (Western Australia ) 24h
154.136 km Archuletta, Israel   Overall: 8 M: 6 Cat M35: 1
11.06.2016 TNF 50 Korea (PyongChang, South Korea) 50km
7:51:24 h Archuletta, Israel   Overall: 14 M: 11 Cat M35: 2
14.05.2016 Dawn to Dusk to Dawn 50K Ultra (Sharron Hill PA USA) 50km
5:49:46 h Archuletta, Israel   Overall: 5 M: 4 Cat M35: 1
13.02.2016 Black Canyon Trail 60 Km Run (Arizona) 60km
7:54:12 h Archuletta, Israel *Colorado Springs, CO  Overall: 22 M: 12 Cat M35: 2
28.12.2015-03.01.2016 Across the years, 6d (Arizona) 6d
402.094 km Archuletta, Israel *Colorado Springs, CO  Overall: 23 M: 15 Cat M35: 1

SIX Days Finish Mark Geesler Archuletta

3,684 miles Run in 2015, Looking forward to 2016

ATY Day 1I ran 249.85 Miles Run at Across the Years in Six Days from Dec 28-Jan 3, 2016.  Quite a fun experience.  15th Male and 23rd place overall out of about 65. The race wraps up my year with almost 3,700 miles! The math works out to 72 miles a week averaged in all 2015 – 10 miles per day for 365 days, something I could have never imagined just a few years ago!  With two podium finishes this year in trail 48 and 24 hour races [Pickled Feet 48 Hour – 3rd place, Silverton 1000 24 hour – 2nd place], as well as earning 100 mile (or more) buckles on 4 occasions, it's been an extraordinary year. My biggest achievement of 2015 was the 203 mile Colorado 5 day run in July mostly self supported from Pueblo to close to the Wyoming border!  I'll be looking to continue racing ultras, and expanding my services beyond running into the Sports Journalism world. Stay tuned as I try to set up a Media Content organization to continue providing live or close to live as possible race updates, videos, and interviews with athletes.  See my video of Zach Bitter I made a couple hours after his 100 Mile 11:40 American Record.

2015 Monthly Miles.

Monthly Miles 2015


Silverton1000_Start (9)Silverton1000_Start (6)For the 2nd time this year, and 3rd time in my ultrarunning career, I made it to the podium of a ultramarathon race!. Placing 2nd overall, the Silverton 1000 24 hour was a good test of my fitness training over the last several months in Colorado. Race report Here


Running 203 Miles in 5 Days across Colorado.  

Colorado 203 Mile Run Map

As of July 26, 2015, I’ve run over 2,300 miles in 2015, average 80miles/week this year.

Running 100.9 miles in 24 Hours. Finally achieved. I have finally achieved that elusive golden coveted benchmark in the ultramarathon running world: Running 100 miles in a single day.  Race Report Here.

Israel the Runner on Track

Sprinting 100th mile lap_ The Misfits running Israel on Track
















 In preparation for my next race, I was doing some analysis on past performances. I’ve often heard in a timed race, most runners do 60% of their miles in the first half of the race. I created a chart with specific bench marks with 12 hour data, then went to races looking if this was true.  It appears in many events this is the case. So I made some charts, and here’s lots of data with various % of how you could plan your next timed race.

24 Hour Mile Split chart based on analysis that majority runners are human and run ~60% of their miles in the 1st 12 hours. If your goal is 140, most often runners will accumulate 84 miles in 12 hours.  Better trained athletes are near 55%. The best ever, Yiannis Kouros 53%.



Playing with the Big Boys Now?  Training, Training, Training. 140DayRunStreak 147 Miles in 1 Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Averaging 90+ miles over 8 consecutive weeks? Next Race:

May 30, 2015 – Dawn to Dusk 24 Hour Track Ultra, Philadelphia, PA

The 2015 Copper Canyon Caballo Blanco 80km race in Urique, Mexico was cancelled a few hours before starting, due to drug wars in other villages in the canyon just 4-5 miles from the start line. In the confusion over the next few hours, some of us ran an alternate evCopper Canyon raceent, which at the time I had no idea wasn't sanctioned race and believed it to be rescheduled.   Without access to the outside world, or understanding any Spanish, I ran and enjoyed running with and supporting the  Tarahumara, or Raramuri people.  I was able to help evacuate a fellow ultrarunner and friend out off the trail after being stung 200 times and being alergic.  Read the full account with photos here.


I Ran for 100 miles at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival on February 14-15, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV in 27:44. This was only my 2nd 100 mile race! Yes, I have 5x 100 mile buckles, but three are for timed races over 48 hours, 72 hours, and 6-day races. My first 100 mile was the Centurion Running south Downs Way 100 in Southern England completed in a time of 29:37:10. 

Running streak, my training has been for 2 months straight with the goal of running Jackpot 100 mile. .





Possible Race Schedule for 2015:

February 14, Jackpot 100 mile Run – Las Vegas, NV
March 1, Caballo Blanco 80km / 50 mile – Chihuahua, Mexico
March 27-29, Pickled Feet 48 Hour – Boise, ID

May 30, 2015 – Dawn to Dusk 24 Hour Track Ultramarathon, Philadelphia, PA

Random other things I’d like to Consider:
Nolans 14 – Sawatch Mountains, Colorado 100 miles, 45,000ft gain
Self-Transcendence Ottawa 24 Hour – Indoor September, Ottawa , Canada

2014 Events

Harvard Columbia Nolans 14 (Aug 29- Sept 1, 2014) Attempt #1 Nolan's 14. 60 Hours. 100 Miles on Foot. 14 Summits over 14,000 Feet. 90,000 Vertical Feet. 8 Finishers in 15 years. The window is now.  This is  why I came to Colorado. It's why I left England for the mountains… and this is the pinnacle. 

I ran for Six Days and 207 miles and recieved the Race Directors Award at the Six Days in the Dome race in Anchorage, Alaska August 4-10, 2014

Summer of 2014 saw me in the Sawatch Mountains training for Nolans 14. What is it? Basically climbing 14 14,000ft mountains in the Sawatch Range in 60 hours


Below is the GoreTex TansAlpine 175 Mile 4 country run I did in 2011. Favorite experience of all time

Traci Falbo R2R2R_SelfRun5377f5ffd902a.jpg R2R2R_Jumps5377f5f98f7c0.jpg Flying over GC.jpg Pro Photos The North Face 50 Israel_CTS12-Anglesey.jpg Snow.jpg1170902_10201139500662946_1463568191_n 16283_10201139422620995_2079807207_n Israel and Emre at SDW start Skyrunning vertical km route France




24hrs of Palmer Lake: Race Video 2014 from Jerry Armstrong on Vimeo.


Key Races in I've run in 2013

I ran Across The Years. 72 Hours. 161.6 miles. Longest and furthest I've ever run. Mind over body. Race report here.    From the mouth of Yiannis Kouros: Quotes from the legend

The North Face 50 MIle – 11:57:22 – Negative Split! December 27, 2013

Brass Knuckle 30 mile Free Fat Ass Race – Nov 30, 2013
Boulder 100km – Gemini Advenutres – 24 Hours of Boulder. October 12, 2013.  I was the 2nd place male runner! 14:28:00
UROC – Ultra Race of Champions 100km – Breckenridge to Vail, CO – Sept 28, 2013 – DNF at 44 mi CP – organizer logistic failure – I've since been refunded & offered entry to UROC 2014.

South Downs Way 100 mi June 15-16, 2013  4 pt UTMB qualifier, and Western States qualifying race. 

The Mount Blanc Vertical Km in Chamonix, France one  of the Skyrunning Series Race.   June 28, 2013

Al Andalus Ultimate Trail is a 5-stage (230km) ultra-marathon in Southern Spain with numerous long climbs (7,200 meters of ascent/descent), technical trails, and extreme heat (30-40C).  July 8-12, 2013

Other races this year include: July 31, 2013 – Bedford – Doug Anderson 5km – Video of race as filmed while I ran it in 19:55

May 27, 2013 – London Bupa 10K – 40:15 – Personal Best/Personal Record

May 8, 2013 – Silverstone 10K – 40:42 – Ok time. 6:30/mile

April 1, 2013 – Stanwick 10K – 47:23 – Personal Worst. Side Stitch

March 17, 2013 – Rome Marathon – 3:54:30 – OK. PB.

 If you would like to sponspor or help support my athletic endeavors in these world's hardest challenges, please contact me at or donate and help me get to this next race.

Pennine Way – Edale to Marsden to Hebden Bridge 31 Miles / 50Km Blog Post and Photos, April 3, 2013

2013 –  Rome Marathon!  Race report.   Here's the YouTube Video,

2013 Week 10 Training: Trail Run in Shropshire, 10 Muddy, Foggy, Fun Miles – March 2013

2013 Week 9 Training, It's all about The Pennine Way.  Winter Training, 63 miles in 3 days.  30 Miles- Pennine Way & The Spine Course Part I Pennine Way & The Spine with Hadrian's Wall Part 2

2013 – Week 8 Training:  Run streak ends? 69 Days, 10 consecutive weeks running everyday.  Gained incredible strength, speed and control. Preparing for a big week next week. T.  Three new videos posted this week to my YouTube Channel, check them out..some rare footage at Masada, Israel – and finally the TDS Race Report Video showing the extreme elements of the Alps and what we went through

2013 – Week 5 Training – High Volume. Streaking. Latest running video, 14 miles on sunny, muddy

2013 – Week 4 Highlights: Weight Lifting, Strength Training, Core Conditioning Video for Endurance Runners. 

2013 – Week 3 Training Plans: Snow, Transvulcania Training (funny video)

2013 – Week 2 Running: Andalucia Region of Spain – Mountain training! Check

out the video.

2013 – Week 1 Highlights: Short run on the Coastal Trail Path in Gower Wales – 

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I raced and completed the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 100 kilometer/62 mile ultramarathon run on July 21, 2010 after training for 8 months in preparation for the race.  Some of the most experienced ultra runners from across the globe made their way out to the western shores of Lake Hovsgol – one of the deepest, coldest, and clearest lakes on the planet – accessible only by 4 wheel drive or horseback, to take part in arguably the World’s Most Beautiful 100km run.  The journey to get to Mongolia was arduous and involved much learning.  Below are the details of how I went from running 7-mile long runs to 8 months later racing 62 miles and placing 8th place in an international ultramarathon event.


Late in 2009 and early 2010 I set out a regimented training plan following Dr. Tim Noakes guidance for novice ultra runners in his book Lore of Running and hoped to be trained enough to complete a 100km race having never run over a marathon, nor ever having run below a 4:55 marathon either. …


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